Welcome to the Dunmore Senior Center

                1414 Monroe Avenue    

 Call for a reservation: 570-207-2662

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8 Responses to Welcome to the Dunmore Senior Center

  1. Ann Krasue says:

    My mom recently gave up driving. She lives in Olyphant. She has come to your center in the past with friends. I was wondering if you were aware of transportation services available. If would be great for her to have a safe place to walk-I see you have a walking club. I live in Pittsburgh pa and I am searching for healthy activity options she can utilize. I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi Ann, There is transportation available but the van will only bring a person to the center that is closest to them. In your Mom’s caes that would be the Mid Valley Center. Their number is 489-4415.

  2. Gale Gibbons says:

    Does one have to be a senior to participate in the activities? I am what I call almost a senior. I will be 58 on my next birthday but I am physically not able to do much because of several health reasons which include arthritis. I live with my sons on 400 block of West Drinker St and while they are at work or with friends I am often alone. Being able to visit the senior center would help be maintain a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally. I am good with modern technology and would be happy to share my knowledge and experience with anyone who would like to learn more about computers. I have enjoyed many different crafts, knitting, crochet, and soap making to name a few and would be happy to share my knowledge and experience with anything topic with which I am familiar.
    Just to have a place to go several times a week, experience socializing with others, make new friends, well, that would mean the world to me and greatly improve my quality of life.

    • admin says:

      You do not need to be a senior of 60 to participate in anything. The meal price is different if you are 60, but if you are willing to share what you enjoy that would be a great tradeoff!

      Just call us at 570-207-2662 x1 to let us know when you will be coming in. Looking forward to meeting you!

  3. Vikki Van says:

    I am 66 and have never been to a Senior Center. I would like to see if it’s for me. I live in North Scranton. Where is a center near me that I could go to?

    Thank You

    • admin says:

      Hi Vikki, Besides our facility which is on Monroe & Green ridge, there are also centers in the West Side, South side, and Downtown of Scranton.
      For more information on those, you can call the area Agency on Aging at 570-963-6740
      Of course, I think ours is the best and most active, but then I am prejudiced. 🙂

  4. Lori Nidoh says:

    Hi – my Mom is 87 and she lives in Oakmont Apartments on East Mountain. It looks like your senior center is the closest one to her.
    I’d like to see if I can get her involved in some activities since she pretty much is at home all the time unless one of us (her kids) take her somewhere. I think she would benefit from the activity as well as the companionship.
    The issue would be getting her there since we all work full time. Is there transportation and, if so, how much does it cost?
    Are there fees for the activities?
    I would appreciate any information you could provide me.

    • admin says:

      There is transportation available. She or you would need to call 570-963-6795 to get registered. They would pick her up between 8am and 9am, and return leaving here about 12:30.
      Most of the activities that have a minimal feel associated with them are in the afternoon, most morning activities are free.

      You can reach us here at 570-207-2662 ext 1 for more info.


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