Little Monsters for The Ronald McDonald House


A big shout out! to the Cali family for the donation of fabric and Susan Finnerty for the sewing machine, both much needed for our latest charity project.

We are making these Little Monsters to be donated to our local Ronald McDonald House.

There is no actual pattern as we are going freestyle. The only two things required are (1) a happy face and (2) a toy infused with love.

We are still accepting any donations of fabric and especially stuffing.

If we run out of materials, we will offer everyone the opportunity to Sponsor a Monster for just $5 to help cover costs.

In the meantime, if anyone wants to get involved just let us know. Shirley did make up a ‘mock’ pattern that can be used, and we also have some examples of monsters with these types of fun faces.

Reach us on Facebook or call Jeanne (570) 207-2662 or by email

Thanks again to all who have donated for their generosity!

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Food for Thought

melon fruit platter

It’s well, Wednesday.

“You eat first with your eyes” is not just an expression.
A great visual appearance is actually healthier for you.

Check out the research here.

This is also one of the reasons our facility chose to take on the more difficult task of preparing our own meals on site, vs. going with the available caterer Meals on Wheels.

Nothing against them at all, but have you ever seen this served at a senior center?

Seriously, check out our menu page. Spread the word.
The Dunmore Activity Hub has real food for real people.

Every day.

Recently we overheard Charlie O. say “This is the best meal I ever had. I don’t mean at a center, I mean anywhere.”

Please spread the word throughout Lackawanna County.
The more participants we have, the better we can serve them all.

Bon appetit!

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Adopt a Soldier

The Hub is a part of the Adopt a U. S. Soldier program, which pairs one of our heroes, upon their request, with an individual or group looking to show their support.

We send goodie packages, write cards, letters and emails and even share pics.

Want to join in? There are a few ways you can participate:

1. Donate items to be shipped directly to our soldier.
2. Help assemble care packages of donated items.
3. Send a card, letter or email.

All these things would mean the world to someone far away from home.

Here’s the gist of our current soldier’s first email. I told him about how we also have veterans in our programs, and they are becoming part of this effort.

He responded:


Thanks for the email. Ya’lls service means a lot to all the soldiers over here. A couple of soldiers from my platoon have already received care packages and I can see the effect it has had on them. Ya’ll give them something to look forward to and someone who makes them feel appreciated. Highlight of some of their days is receiving letters and/or care packages. I hope when my time comes I can find a group such as yours to aid soldiers separated from their loved ones.

I’m glad to hear soldiers have each others back well beyond their time wearing the uniform.

Anyways; God Bless,


Doesn’t that just melt your heart?

Please pass this on so we can get as many people involved as possible. Then we can add more soldiers as well.

They are so worth it. <3

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Volunteer Recognition Dinner

Dunmore Senior Center

We love our Volunteers!


Saturday August 29th. 11am-1:00 pm.

Live Entertainment  by Polka Punch & a Dinner provided by Chef Bill

This event is free to all those who are on Site Council, the Board of Directors, and/or anyone who helps on site on a regular basis.

The day is also Open to the Public-$5 for Seniors, $8.00 for Friends

Reservations are required.

Please call 570-207-2662 ext.2

Watch Joe Lastovica perform here.

Find Joe Lastovica on Facebook.

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Cyber Seniors at The Hub

Bridging the Technology Gap

Bridging the Technology Gap

We just found out about this wonderful program, and are going to tap in to their ideas and resources to see if we can team up some area students with our older area residents.

What with the University of Scranton, Marywood University, Penn State Worthington and Keystone Junior College, we should be able to help all those who wish to tap into technology.

Watch their trailer here to see what they did, and what we want to do as well.



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Good Ol’ Comfort Food!

Seated L-R Theresa LaNunziata, Secretary, Jeanne Phillips, Atty. Brenda Colbert and Paula Scotchlas
Standing Al Lawrence, Louis Paciotti, President and Sandy Cancelleri

The Board of Directors of the Dunmore Senior Center will be holding a Chicken and Biscuits Dinner on Thursday May 15th., from 5-7 pm. in the common room of the Dunmore Community Center, 1414 Monroe Ave.
Take outs will be available at 4 pm.

Tickets are available in advance or at the door for $8.50.
Call 570-207-2662 for more information.

All proceeds benefit activities held at the Hub.

Stop on by for some good old fashioned comfort food!

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A Word About Allergies & Remedies

It seemed like spring would never come, but before we know it all the little pathogens that we are allergic too will be flying through the air.

Here’s our fav Doc with info on how to deal with them.

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Giving Back

How lucky our participants were to have the wonderful Keystone Sanitary Landfill choose to sponsor our Valentine’s Day Luncheon!
With live music and a new floor area for dancing, we enjoyed the company of 72 of our area friends. And the food was absolutely wonderful, what a treat! See the pics below that represent the great time everyone had including a box of Gertrude Hawk Chocolates sent by Mr. Denaples himself!

Marilyn & Bruce, married over 60 years, enjoy a Valentine’s Day dance.

The Mayor stops by to thank the Keystone Sanitary Landfill for their continued support.

The delightful and very professional staff of La Cucina’s Restaurant.

Dan from Keystone Sanitary Landfill who oversaw the day of giving.

The finishing touch.

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The Power of Music

Dunmore seniors and music.

Bill and Paul discuss a song.

Watch this video, and help us pass this on. Our intention is to use this information to pass on more opportunities for our friends to have music in their lives.
Look for more information coming this spring, in the meantime:

How Music Can Change a Life

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The Secret to Youth? Never Leave the Playground.

Canio and Veronica Sileo

Staying active physically is a very important part of aging well. In the photo above are Veronica and Canio Sileo, not letting being in their 90’s stop them from dancing to the beat.

Follow this link to learn of another individual who shows many ways you can keep your mind and your body young.

We will be adding some of these activities to the Center.
Look out world!

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